Eve Online Charity Fleets For Wounded Warrior Project


Every Saturday night starting at 8:00 pm or 01:00 eve time (Sunday Morning), I run charity fleets with some of Eve University newbros. These fleets are intended to have fun for everyone who wants to come along. You do not have to be an experienced PVP pilot, you don't even have to have experience as a fighting pilot, all are invited.

The idea is to have fun and learn more about fighting and learning PVP while doing it with friends surrounding you, so it's not so scary. I like to take people into Low Sec for the experience, to show how much fun someone could have if they wanted to run into low Sec. People will also learn muscle memory from doing enough fleets, so when someone is alone in Low Sec and someone comes up to them, they have at least a chance to defend themselves. This goes for all parts of space in Eve Online.

The second reason why I run charity fleets, is to bring awareness to the Wounded Warrior Project. This is a great organization who helps put our injured vets back to gether when they come back from deployment. This not only includes physical issues, but also addresses mental issues as well. This organization also helps with first responders, law enforcement and other first responders as well.

If you would like to attend a fleet and go fight with is, just bring a clean clone and dock up at Rivet City in Amygnon on Saturday nights at 8:00 pm. We supply all of the ships and have ships that just about anyone can fly, even with no experience.  

If you do not want to attend and fly in the fleet, but you want to watch and possibly donate to my cause, then you will want to visit my donation page. All donations go directly to Wounded Warrior Project, there is no 3rd party in betweens. There you can watch and also donate if you want to. You can also watch my stream on twitch and also donate through there as well, through the Wounded Warrior Project widget, again all donations go directly to them.

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