Thursday, May 6, 2021

Exploit notification - Preventing Observatory Flashpoint Sites spawning



It's come to our attention that some players are deliberately preventing Observatory Flashpoint sites from being spawned.

Effective immediately the preventing of Observatory Flashpoint sites being spawned is considered an exploit.

If you witness this behavior please contact our customer support by sending in a ticket in the 'Rules & Policies – Exploits' category.

Players who prevent the sites from spawning will be subject to disciplinary action as per the Terms of Service.

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EVE Online Receives Two Major Visual Updates Including Jita 4-4 Interior and Aura


Capsuleers, rejoice! CCP announced two major visual updates for EVE Online involving the interior of Jita 4-4 Trade Hub and everyone’s favorite AI, Aura.

First up is Jita 4-4. Undoubtedly, this is the most popular exchange hub in New Eden, and as a result, it’s received a pretty major overhaul to its interior. If you were following recent developments, you’ll be aware of its architectural expansion. But with this recent update, the interior has seen some improvements.

This has resulted in a larger interior with improvements to overall cosmetics of the hub. CCP touts the detail on display inside to match the “grandeur” of the exterior. Next time you’re there, be sure to stop by and take a look.

Eve Online will never die, says head of studio after 18 years

Eve Online

Whoever said "nothing is certain but death and taxes" never played Eve Online. The space-faring MMORPG has no central government to shake you down for road money, and space pilots are cloned anew after every ignoble death. After 18 years and countless updates, Eve is one of the longest-running MMOs in the industry. It predates World of Warcraft by over a year. It is older than Facebook. Alongside long-toothed MMOs like Runescape, it has survived where others have fallen. But surely even this infamous generator of sci-fi skulduggery must pay the final toll some time. Well, not according to Hilmar Veigar P├ętursson, CEO of the game's developer, CCP.

"It's never going to die," he says.

P├ętursson tells me this over a call in a quiet, model-strewn office, red-haired and looking a little fed-up with internet meetings after a year of pandemic lockdown.

"The pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the Bible, like, take your pick," he says. "There's a lot of things that go on forever. The concept of money, the US dollar… These are social constructs and games are no different. They're social constructs. And if they do a good job of being relevant and keeping up with the times, there's no reason for them to end."

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

EVE Online Celebrates 18th Anniversary with Foundation Event


EVE Online officially opens the new Foundation Quadrant today, kicking off a series of events to celebrate the game’s 18th anniversary. The event celebrations will include connected in-game story developments, art updates, player rewards, and tie-in with the upcoming annual Capsuleer Day celebration on 6-18 May.

In case you missed it, Quadrants act as EVE Online’s yearly roadmap of sorts. Four Quadrants are released each year with new and improved content and features, along with new game events focused on a particular EVE Online theme and aspect. According to the official CCP news release, the Foundation Quadrant launching today “will embody the pride felt across New Eden within four of its mightiest Empires; the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar.”

The four empires of New Eden make up the ‘foundation’ of EVE Online, and over the game’s (inter)stellar 18-year run, have come to inhabit their own individual identity. Each empire’s identity has been developed mainly through the in-game actions of the Capsuleers who play them, and CCP wants to spotlight the pride and accomplishments the players have created and represented throughout the game’s history.

How EVE Online Players Saved Real-World Scientists 330 Years of Research on COVID-19

Eve Online

EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online game where players can mine planets, fight other players in all-out war, and fly through wormholes to reach new destinations. Now it’s helping scientists learn more about COVID-19.

Through a citizen science project called Project Discovery, players are able to help scientists in the real world solve problems that need human input, such as helping scientists discover new planets. Over the past year, they’ve been helping scientists learn more about COVID-19.

To date, 327,000 players have completed 1.37 million analysis tasks in-game, which has saved scientists 330.69 years worth of research into how the immune system responds to COVID-19. Speaking to IGN, EVE Online Creative Director, Bergur Finnbogason, explained how the project began.

“This is a project that was initially started by, or at least an idea from, [Massively Multiplayer Online Science CEO and co-founder Attila Szantner] a few years back where he was looking at citizen science projects around the world, all over the internet,” Finnbogason said. “He started seeing this pattern in these projects where basically... these fantastic projects would happen… with super worthy causes… but people would come in, try it once, and then never come back.”

Monday, May 3, 2021

Fan Proves EVE Online Would Make A Great Card Game

Eve Online

EVE Online players make a lot of fan art related to their passion: song parodies, propaganda films, online talk shows. Now, one player is combining their passion for EVE with their passion for another kind of game — collectible card games.

Player Beebles has made about 30 cards for a fictional card game based on people and events in EVE Online. The project is just mockups of cards right now. “Everything that is published should be just considered fan art,” Beebles told Kotaku, “but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about what the gameplay would be like personally.” The cards feature all the traditional markers of a collectible card game: resource costs, evocative card art, complicated gameplay triggers, and even a “set symbol” to show what imaginary expansion the cards are from.

Foundation – New Quadrant starts soon!

Eve Online

The Foundation Quadrant is upon us as EVE’s 18th birthday dawns! This new Quadrant, officially starting on 4 May, will offer a series of connected events, art updates, rewards, and so much more. Foundation will embody the pride felt across New Eden within four of its mightiest Empires; the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar.

Since 2020, EVE Online releases have been divided into four Quadrants each year, packed with exciting events, game features, login campaigns, and balance updates. Each Quadrant has a unique theme focused on a specific aspect of EVE Online, which guides the type of content you can expect to see. Quadrants are not limited to delivering content within a set theme only, but most will be connected to it to provide a holistic experience for Capsuleers in New Eden. The content itself is delivered in smaller increments throughout the Quadrant’s duration instead of a single big patch, giving you something interesting to do on every space adventure!

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Sunday, May 2, 2021


Floseswin, Metropolis – Orbital bombardment dreadnoughts affiliated to the Amarr Empire have been destroyed in yet another highly-destructive battle over the fate of a planet.

Dreadnoughts bearing the identifiers of the Shining Flame mercenary company carried out a siege laser strike on the surface of Floseswin IV, apparently inflicting significant damage in the vicinity of the wartorn city of Jolan Kraal. Reports have indicated that surface forces presumed to be remnants of Amarr troops on the planet also carried out their own attack, even guiding weapons fire onto Jolan Kraal using surface-to-orbit targeting lasers. The assault was curtailed abruptly by the appearance of several capsuleer pirate supercarriers that proceeded to engage and destroy the dreadnoughts before retreating from a Shining Flame battleship fleet and Amarr loyalist counter-attack.

Minmatar Republic Fleet and Brutor Vanguard forces have been fighting to relieve the planet and the Republic Command's Floseswin IV Liberation Army has activated all reserve defense units. Planetary defense batteries at a number of locations on the surface have been firing on any vessel attempting to breach atmosphere. Republic Command aerospace fighter wings have been fully-scrambled and have engaged a number of targets in low orbit and the upper atmosphere.

EVE Online's Major RP Events This Week Seem To Be Setting The Stage For An NPC Empire War

If you've been following EVE Online this week, you might have noticed something unique. In a world where we talk mostly about the player war and the great player-run corporations of EVE Online, it's not everyday we see NPC factions bombarding each other. Yet twice this week capsuleers have been treated to these events.

On Tuesday, EVE Online saw a flurry of activity as Naglfar-class dreadnoughts from the Minmatar Republic started to bombard the planet of Tanoo II, the capital planet of the Ammatar Mandate. The three Naglfar dreads were destroyed by capsuleers who rushed to the defense of Tanoo II and it led to some speculation as to what could possibly be going on behind the scenes at CCP Games, the developer behind EVE Online.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

New Industry Changes - Video

Eve Online - Free To Play

I follow this YouTube character and watch a lot of his videos. He has a lot of instructional and information videos. I strongly recommend subscribing to his channel.

In this video he goes over some of the new industry changes, specifically on the market and blueprints.

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Friday, April 30, 2021

Better late than never, CCP's MMOG gets boxed retail distribution via Atari.

Eve Online

The newest generation of smartphones has begun to deliver on the ideal of having continual access to your data on the go with persistent web connections. As such, the iPhone is becoming ubiquitous, helped no doubt by its ease of use and the ever-growing number of apps available to users. In the relatively short time the iPhone has existed, it's already begun to have an impact on the gaming world. Given how stat-centric massively multiplayer online titles are, it was inevitable that there would be some steps made towards a marriage between the iPhone and our games; some developers are creating iPhone apps that extend certain aspects of MMOs beyond the game client.

This can be especially useful with a game like EVE Online, where players typically have a number of things going on, even while they're not logged in to play. While the EVE iPhone apps don't act as game clients, players can, for instance, check in on the skill progression of their characters, check their wallet balances as market transactions and contract sales take place while away from the client, and in general keep tabs on their virtual involvements in New Eden.

True stories of EVE Online to become comic book and TV series

Eve Online

The CCP Presents Keynote at the annual EVE Online Fanfest is usually a fairly tame retrospective on how CCP has a company has done the past year and where it's going in the future, but for EVE's tenth anniversary, CCP broke out the big guns. In addition to announcing a massive new collector's edition, the studio has also revealed plans to turn real stories of events inside the sandbox into professional comic books and even a TV series.

Industry giant Dark Horse Comics, the company responsible for comics like Hellboy and Sin City, will be publishing the 54-page graphic novel this winter in both a paid-for print form and a free digital download. For the lore buffs among us, Dark Horse will also be producing a colossal 184-page glossy colour hardback book covering all of the NPC backstory and lore behind EVE Online and DUST 514. Titled EVE Source, the book will be an in-character almanac of everything in the EVE setting that isn't player-created and will even include previously unreleased concept art.

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Celebrate EVE Online’s 18th birthday - Share your moments in this player video contest

As EVE approaches this remarkable milestone, we wanted to reflect on everything that has made the last 18 years so special, the millions of moments which make up the incredible stories EVE players have been creating together for nearly two decades.

There are already plenty of well-known tales which will pass down in legend. The steel nerve of the heist which stripped every asset from the once mighty Circle-of-Two; the subterfuge required to build the cluster’s first ever citadel in complete secrecy; the 14 hour savagery of Fury at FWST-8 - we’re not short of headline events. What we want from you is the things we may have missed: the moments you’ve witnessed in person which have defined your Capsuleer experience.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Vote for Rixx Javix for CSM16

"o/ Everyone, this is Rixx Javix and I’m asking for your support as a candidate for the Council of Stellar Management.

You may know me from a thousand different directions. From the recent FFA I hosted 2 that set the record for most ship explosions ever in Low Security space, from the Freaky Frigates collection 13 that is currently being sold on the Official Eve Store, from the free swag I handed you once at an Eve player meet, from my RedBubble store, from my Eve Magazine EVEOGANDA 8 which I’ve been writing for over eleven years, from my spaceship posters that CCP sold, or from countless community events, charities, podcasts, streams, logos, or other projects that I’ve been involved with over the years.

Thing is, no matter how you know me (good or bad), you know that there are few players as passionate, dedicated, and committed to Eve Online. I play every single day that I can. I bring content to the game wherever I go in space. Events like our annual FFAs, DeathRaces, the Alliance Tournament, free books, maps (like the recent Eve Fantasy Map I worked on with Ithica Hawk 9) or the maps in Andrew Groen’s History of Eve book 1 series. Whatever you might think of me, I will bring that same level of commitment to my time as your representative on the CSM.

I care about this game, our community, and the players that play it.

I sincerely appreciate your support."

Eve Online economic analysis released

CCP Games, the makers of MMO Eve Online, has released its first quarterly economic newsletter, which analyses the population and economy of the game.

Eve Online

CCP Games, the makers of MMO Eve Online, has released its first quarterly economic newsletter, which analyses the population and economy of the game.

It's the first publication of its kind, and has been written by Eve's resident economist Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, who was previously the dean of Economics in CCP's home city of Reykjavik, and assistant Kjartan T Halldorsson.

Unlike most MMOs Eve Online is based largely on user-generated content, and features a highly complex economic model, based around a single persistent world made up of almost 200,000 subscribers.

According to Gudmundsson this creates markets "that behave in the same manner as markets in the real world," and means that managing this element of the game is crucial to its long-term appeal.

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